Sunday, July 17, 2011

American Regional Food Festivals

Across America, communities celebrate local foods, cuisine and crop harvests with a variety of small festivals. Some of these are annual events and are highly promoted whiles others simply involve putting up a few tents, passing out fliers and counting on word of mouth throughout the community.

Most festivals are held during summer, when foods are abundant and the climate is suitable for outdoor venues. Meats are often served, especially beef, pork, chicken, fish and shellfish.

Other local festivals showcase harvests of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts or other local foods. At many festivals, locally harvested foods are available unprocessed, in bulk as well as being offered in ready-to-eat forms.

Aside from food, there are almost always food-themed arts, crafts, and collectibles for sale at local food festivals. Among the most popular items are t-shirts, hats, stickers, jewelry, prints, and other artwork.

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