Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan's Food Crisis

The world watches as each day brings new problems to Japan. Following a magnitude 9 quake and killer tsunami, the loss of life and property has been unthinkable.

Adding to the crisis, the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant has had a series of radiation leaks. Across Japan, radiation has been detected in vegetables, raw milk, the water supply, and seawater.

Most recently, Broccoli was added to a list of tainted vegetables, and U.S. officials announced a block on Japanese dairy and other produce from the region.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, officials have warned mothers not to allow small children to drink from the city's water supply.

The issue of food safety is something every nation must address. Here in the USA, government regulations are wiping out small farmers, commercial fishermen and other small businesses.

Meanwhile the American food supply is rapidly moving towards dependence on imported, processed foods which are controlled by mega corporations.

Although the tragedy in Japan is a horrible event, perhaps it will inspire political leaders to re-think food policies.

One solution might be for the USA and other nations to nurture providers of locally sourced foods. While global suppliers are an important component of the world's food supply, local resources should be recognized for their importance.

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