Friday, September 29, 2017

PEI Fresh Vegetables Hurricane Irma Relief

The Government of Prince Edward Island and the P.E.I. Potato Board are partnering with Island farmers to provide fresh produce to those affected by the devastating Hurricane Irma in Florida.

More than 40,000 pounds of fresh produce was set to leave Prince Edward Island on September 20th for Georgia where it will be distributed to victims of Hurricane Irma.

The shipment was to include a variety of vegetables, from five-pound to 50-pound bags of potatoes from growers and packers throughout Prince Edward Island, to carrots and rutabagas from P.E.I. Vegetable Growers Co-Op.

The shipment was destined for the hunger-relief organization Second Harvest of South Georgia. The second-largest food bank in the state, Second Harvest accepts donations and redistributes them among areas of South Florida, and is also a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) collection and redistribution site.

The Government of Prince Edward Island will cover the freight costs.

Partners include:

Government of Prince Edward Island
P.E.I. Potato Board
Vanco Farms
Cavendish Produce
Gerrit Visser & Sons
Rollo Bay Holdings
Sherwood Produce
P.E.I. Vegetable Growers Co-Op
Morley Annear Transport

source: Government of Prince Edward Island

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Food and Cooking Gift Ideas

Gift items related to food and cooking are always popular. Gift ideas include local foods, baked goods, crafts, collectibles, cookware, clothing, printed materials, and other items

An endless array of products are available and new items are always showing up in stores and online. Other sources of food themed gifts might include farm stands, local farmers markets, wineries, ice cream shops, bakeries, specialty food stores, or other small businesses.

Kitchen decor items often feature food-related artwork. Among the most popular styles are designs that incorporate food icons. Items often depict fruits and vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, fish, shellfish, meats, diary, and other food items.

This tomato themed soup mug makes a colorful kitchen accent.

Some items combine icons with popular slogans or other text. A possible gift idea for home cooks is this "Best. Cook. Ever." apron.

Products are often designed for a specific season of the year. This "Thankful" shirt includes pumpkins artwork. Pumpkins are often used to symbolize the Autumn season, Thanksgiving, crop harvests, and other end of year activities.

Steamers are another culinary accessory that might be suitable as a gift. Steamers for cooking seafood and vegetables are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. For more information, see this article on types of steamers.

Fish and seafood lovers might enjoy fish identification posters. Many fish identification posters serve as wall art in addition to their practical purposes.